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Spread a little happiness with our luxury Happy Hamper- a selection of restorative treats composed from a bespoke blend of lime,bergamot and ylang ylang, renownd for reducing depression and building a positive mindset - a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend.

Luxury Happy Hamper

  • Contents

    Aromatherapy Diffuser (100ml) lasts approximatley 2 months

    Large Aromatherapy Container Candle 220g

    Box of 12  Aromatherapy Tea Lights



    Initally burn the candle until it creates a full wax melt pool - this will help to reduce tunneling of the wax. 

    Ensure the wick is kept trimmed (approx7mm) to allow a clean burn.

    We recommend the diffuser is placed on a candle plate to avoid any risk of surface damage.

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